Life after Brexit

The European Commission published details concerning the regulatory situation after the United Kingdom left the EU. 


Examples of items that should be considered by manufacturers for the time after the "Brexit":


  • Authorised representatives  established in the United Kingdom will no longer be recognised as EU authorised representatives.
  • UK bodies will not be in a position to perform conformity assessment tasks pursuant to Union product legislation as from the withdrawal date.

The document can be found as:  "Notice to stakeholders Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU rules in the field of industrial products."


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    George Melachrinos (Donnerstag, 08 Februar 2018 16:22)

    It looks that the UK NB's have to move somehow...(I mean like UL did, forming a NB in UK, 0843). I cannot think of MD certification business without BSI (I heard BSI have something like 30% market share worldwide...)

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    Bodo Mestmacher (Freitag, 09 Februar 2018 17:39)

    George, thanks for the comment.
    The UK Notified bodies seem to be planning to further provide their services and keep their customers updated on their progress.
    BSI seems to move to the Netherlands: