N.B. number EIGHT is DEKRA B.V.

Todays publication announces the eighth Notified Body being DEKRA B.V. Following the German headquarter that was already designated in August 2019 as Notified Body for medical devices and in October for IVDs the Dutch organisation is now able to provide its services around the world from the offices in Arnheim, The Netherlands and the subsidiaries in the USA.


As of today the following Notified Bodies are designated for the MDR:


BSI,UK               - see News: "FIRST MDR Notified Body - BSI UK."

TÜV Süd            - see News: "SECOND Notified Body under the MDR - TÜV Süd Germany"

DEKRA               - see News: "THIRD Notified Body under the MDR - DEKRA Germany"

IMQ                      - see News: "Notified Body number FOUR under the MDR - IMQ Italy"

TÜV Rheinland - see News "FIFTH Notified Bodies under the MDR"

Dare !!                - see News "Notified Body number SIX designated: DARE!!"

BSI, NL              - see News "BSI NL designated as notified body number SEVEN under the MDR"