MDC Germany is the Notified Body number THIRTEEN

With the latest publication on the Nando Website MDC MEDICAL DEVICE CERTIFICATION GMBH Germany is now officially a Notified Body under the MDR.


As of today the following Notified Bodies are designated for the MDR:


BSI,UK               - see News: "FIRST MDR Notified Body - BSI UK."

TÜV Süd            - see News: "SECOND Notified Body under the MDR - TÜV Süd Germany"

DEKRA               - see News: "THIRD Notified Body under the MDR - DEKRA Germany"

IMQ                      - see News: "Notified Body number FOUR under the MDR - IMQ Italy"

TÜV Rheinland - see News "FIFTH Notified Bodies under the MDR"

Dare !!                - see News "Notified Body number SIX designated: DARE!!"

BSI, NL              - see News "BSI NL designated as notified body number SEVEN under the MDR"

DEKRA B.V.       - see News "N.B. number EIGHT is DEKRA B.V."  

MEDCERT           -see News"X-mas present: MedCert is Notified Body number NINE"

DNV Presafe     - see News:"N.B. number TEN is DNV GL Presafe AS"

NSAI                    -see News"N.B. number ELEVEN is NSAI"

CE Certiso         -see News"TWELFTH  N.B. is XXXX"