The notified body number SEVENTEEN is "3EC"

The Slovakian organization "3EC International's s.a." was designated as the 17th notified body under the MDR.


The following 16 Notified Bodies were previously designated under the MDR:


BSI,UK               - see News: "FIRST MDR Notified Body - BSI UK."

TÜV Süd            - see News: "SECOND Notified Body under the MDR - TÜV Süd Germany"

DEKRA               - see News: "THIRD Notified Body under the MDR - DEKRA Germany"

IMQ                      - see News: "Notified Body number FOUR under the MDR - IMQ Italy"

TÜV Rheinland - see News "FIFTH Notified Bodies under the MDR"

Dare !!                - see News "Notified Body number SIX designated: DARE!!"

BSI, NL              - see News "BSI NL designated as notified body number SEVEN under the MDR"

DEKRA B.V.       - see News "N.B. number EIGHT is DEKRA B.V."  

MEDCERT           -see News "X-mas present: MedCert is Notified Body number NINE"

DNV Presafe     - see News "N.B. number TEN is DNV GL Presafe AS"

NSAI                    -see News "N.B. number ELEVEN is NSAI"

CE Certiso         -see News "TWELFTH  N.B. is XXXX"

MDC                     -see News "MDC Germany is the Notified Body number THIRTEEN"

Intertek              -see News "Intertek is the FOURTEENTH N.B."

GMED                  -see News "GMED designated as N.B. number FIFTEEN"

DQS Med             -see News "DQS designated as N.B. NUMBER SIXTEEN"